zaterdag 23 juni 2012

Ivoire et blanc

A few moths ago Tim and Marijke asked me to make their wedding cake and I was delighted. Today is their wedding day. 

Tim, a former colleaque, told me ones; if I'll ever get married, I want you to make the cake. And so I did.. 

The bride to be loved a lot of my cakes and pointed uit some favorites. I made a design and with a few adjustments, their wedding cake was ready to be made.

The cake is in traditional colors, with a hint of gold and pastel pink. On top a pastel pink gerber, as the brides bouquet has pink gerbers. 
The top cake is carrot cake with a vanilla  cream, the middle one is vanilla cake with fresh, home made strawberry jam and the bottom cake is chocolate with praline cream.

The couple picked up the cake last night and were very happy with it. And  that's still the most important and beautiful thing about cake making.. 

Have a wonderful day Tim and Marijke! Wishing you all the best! X

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