zondag 30 september 2012

Pumpkin Parade

My mom and I visited a Pumpkin Parade in Hulsberg yesterday.
These farmers have a Pumpkin sale every year. 

We were overwhelmed, we had never seen so many pumpkins at the same time in lots of colors and sizes. It was amazing!

They also have lots of herbs and plants growing on they land.

In the spring we'll going back to buy flowers, plants and herbs. 
They also had white (!!) lavender, that would look so nice in my garden... <3

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Lovely pumpkins

I just LOVE white pumpkins, they are so cute and match perfectly in a white home. 

My mom and I visited a Pumpkin Parade yesterday (pictures in the next topic!) and they had so many pumpkins, it was hard for us to decide which ones to take home.. Luckily they had many white pumpkins <3 The tiny Baby Boo is my favorite, a cute little ivory pumpkin.

May I introduce to you, my lovely, white pumpkins:

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Black tie

Made for my dear girl friend Carmen, she celebrated her birthday last night. 

This bow mold was used only once, for my birthday cake in 2011. I wanted to make another cake with it and thought a black and white cake would be nice, as Carmen got a brighter cake last year
Vintage romance). I combined it with a simple white pearl necklace and two tiny antique silver bows. 

It's a chocolare cake, filled with praline buttercream and dark chocolate fudge. 

Have a great Sunday!

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zaterdag 22 september 2012

Welcome Autumn!

It's Autumn....

I prefer the cold, cosy days above the warm summer days, walking around the house in sweats or pyjama's in the evening, lighting candles with the smell of Autumn and decorating the house.

I started decorating this week, so I haven't got many Autumn decorations, but here's a start. 

Have a wonderful week end!

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zondag 16 september 2012

First pictures of my new kitchen..

Today I would like to show some pictures of one of my kitchen cabinets.

A little souvenire from my visit to Paris..

I love tea- and coffeepots...

Have a great sunday!

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woensdag 12 september 2012

A touch of early Christmas

Finally! Today I received my first 2012 Christmas book, "A touch of France" by Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine.

It's such a treat to look through and be inspired by the lovely pictures and rooms shown in this wonderful, hard covered book that contains 160 pages visiting eight Christmas homes.  

I already decided the Christmas colors for this year; green, white, brown and antique silver. 

In which colors are you going to decorate this Christmas?

Did you also order a copy of the new JDl book?

Have a great evening!

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vrijdag 7 september 2012

Victorian grace

Hello my dear followers, it has been a few weeks since my latest, but here's an new cake.
My mother celebrates her birthday tonight and I've made her a mini cake in white and lavender, finished with a brooche on a pearl necklace in gold and white. 

The inspiration was LadurĂ©e, I just love their pastel colored boxes with gold details. 

This cake is one of my new favorites! The lavender matches perfectly with the white and gold....

Have a great week end!

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zaterdag 1 september 2012

My first pillowframe..

I saw pillowframes for the first time at 24Homes and they looked so cute and easy to make. 

Finally I've made my own pillowframe holding a picture from Paris, which I visited with a dear friend in august.

I used a beige colored fabric and some Paris stamps as it would be used for my Paris pictures. I used leftovers from my curtains for the large piece of lace. The ribbon was bought at Het witte luik,  the pearl pins as well.

This absolutely will not be the last pillowframe I've made. Can't wait to make a second one.. 

Have you ever made a pillowframe?

Be sure to watch the lovely tutorial by 24Homes: Tutorial.

Have a great evening and sunday!

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