zaterdag 21 mei 2011

Charming lavender

This cake was made for the mother of a friend. She loved my Victorian charm necklace cake and also wanted cupcakes to go with it.

Using lavender with ivory and gold was on my to-do-list for a long time and she also liked these colours. And I'm glad I used this colour combination :)

Have a great weekend!

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dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Together again on a blog!

Margarita from Party Inspirations has  written a blog about Tessa and me. It's so kind of her to do that and of course we are so happy with it! Thanks Margarita!

Here you can read the post: Tess' and Nadines Cakes


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maandag 16 mei 2011

Romance à la Marie Antoinette

My new favorite :D

Made for my sisters birthday who turned 24 today. It's also my anniversary cake, exactly one year ago I've made my first two cakes for my sister :) Times flies....

This year she wanted the colour peach in her cake and I just love the combination peach, ivory and gold. I did a lot of new stuff on this cake. The rose has been made with a super duper petal mold and is my new favorite, the flower cameo was bought last week and I just needed to use it :) and I have done some stripes on cakes befor, but never these thin ones.

The bottom cake is made of Victoria sponge, probably will be used a lot after this....
The other cakes are made of biscuit, all filled with a vanilla buttercream (with real vanilla seeds for the first time) and cherry & strawberry marmelade.

Hope you like it too :)

Happy Birthday sis!

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zaterdag 14 mei 2011

I love Macarons!

Tessa and I bought several of these delicious cute Ladurée macarons. At home I ate three and realized that I  haven't taken any pictures of them on my new cupcake stand..

So here it is :)

On the left you see the pink box where the macarons were in and a tiny round box which contained white sugared almonds. On the right the box from the recipe book of Ladurée.

Don't they look pretty....

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maandag 9 mei 2011

London baby!

Last weekend Tessa and I went to London for a shopping trip. Of course we went shopping for new cake stuff and found a lot :)

On fridaymorning our trip began, from Germany to Brussels and with the Eurostar from Brussels to London. We arrived around 14.00h at our hotel.

After unpacking, we went to Peggy Porschens Cake Parlour for a late tea with the lovely Monica. On the way we came along a Starbucks (one of the many we would be seeing) where I had to buy my England and London Mug :)


For such a long time we wanted to visit the parlour and we finally did! This pink building in a fine neighboorhoud looked so cute, also the inside was all pink and white, she has lovely white seats outside and yummy cakes and tea! Unfortunality Peggy wasn't there.. We would have loved to see her too.

After visiting Peggy Porschen, it was time for our cake stand-search. (We will make a picture of our new cake stuff!)
On saturday a new day of shopping started. After a delay (had the wrong adress of a shop and lost about 3 hours.....) we also visited Harrods, where we had a ice tea and macarons at Ladurée.

For diner we had tapas at a local Mexican restaurant, it was sooooo good.

Close to our hotel, so our bed was very near... We were very tiered after two longs days walking through the city and our feet were killing us....
At sunday, we only had a few hours left. After a breakfast at Starbucks (hmm, sandwiches with caramel frappuchino), we visited Piccadilly Circus and a few clothing stores. 

They also had taxis in our favorite colours :D

The weekend was great, lots of shopping & laughing. We are already planning a trip for 2012 :D


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donderdag 5 mei 2011

Simplicity in white and latte

My first wedding cake I made by myself. It's a bigger version of my "Eggplant Elegance"

The couple and I decided to use a white base and open flowers in latte macchiatio. Matching his suit.

The result, I think, is very simple but oh so chique and elegant.
Now that it's finished, I just love the colour combination. Although it was difficult to get the colour of the ribbon... But the trick is; brown, red and black.

They just picked up the cake and were very happy with it :)
I'm so glad they loved the colour latte! 

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maandag 2 mei 2011

Inspired by Peggy

A while ago I made this mini cake for my aunt. I was inspired by the magnificant Peggy Porschen.. 

It was hard to get the right colours! I constanly took my fondant to the computerscreen to see if the colours matched...

My aunt was very happy with it and send me a few lovely pictures she took at home. Here it one of them.

The roses I would do different, but I still like the colour combination :)

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Combined on Facebook!

Tessa and I just started a Facebookpage together, where we will show our cakes and tell about our hobby and adventures!

We would love you to visit our page: Tess´& Nadine's Cakes

Have a great monday!

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