zaterdag 21 april 2012


I've been walking around with this idea for quite some time.

For years, I've been collecting pictures of pretty ideas to decorate my future home. A scrapbook is the best way to keep them in one place. At the time I bought a Pip Studio scrapbook, in dark pink with flowers.

But it isn't white... So I decided to change it. The paper I used to cover it up, is a gorgeous, but see through gift paper from Jeanne d'Arc Living. So the book had to be covered up, so I wouldn't see the pink anymore. 

Before it's completed, I finished it off with off white lace, a pastel pink ribbon (Thanks to H&M clothing ;).), a doily, a tiny clock image with buttons and a small birdcage.   

Almost finished, but there was something missing in the middle... I glued tiny buttons on the clock.

Have a great weekend!

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zondag 15 april 2012

Lace is the answer...

Here is a small sneak peek of one of my sunday projects.

I'm turning my old scrapbook into a pretty white scrapbook to hold all my decoration inspiration. 

It just needs a tiny bit of finishing touch...

Have a great sunday evening!

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dinsdag 10 april 2012

Simple white and purple

Tonight I'm having a TupperWare Party at my house. 

I don't know if all of you know what it is? Here in the Netherlands and in Germany the parties are well known.

Next to tea and the food that will be made by the TupperWare hostess, I wanted to make a cake for my guests. I decided to make one in TupperWare style. 

A simple design in white with "TupperWare" in "TupperWare purple".
The top cake is vanilla with vanilla cream and the bottom cake is chocolate filled with chocolate fudge... 

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maandag 9 april 2012

Easter Brunch 2012

My parents, sister and her boyfriend came for a brunch at my house. I loved to decorate the table again. 
My mom brought the food and we had a very yummy brunch.. 

Hope your Easter was lovely as well!

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Shabby chic with lace

A few weeks ago I bought a book about the Shabby Chic home. 
Besides beautiful pictures, they showed some decoration ideas, such as this one. 

Lace glued on a glass jar. How simple, but what a gorgeous result..

Have a great week!

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zaterdag 7 april 2012