zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Just some whites on my cupboard ~ Part I

A few weeks ago I bought these lovely bowls. 
The heart on the front makes it even lovelier.. 

The wooden board from HK Living was given to me by a dear friend as a present. The white part is the undersurface of the board. I was so happy as I got it and hope, one day, this boards big sister will be mine too.. ;)

Have a great evening!

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Love love love....

My all time favorite flower... These are from my mom's garden.

Have a great weekend!

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zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Cake Chic

My sister turned 25 last Wednesday and celebrates tonight. This is the third time already I'm making a cake for her birthday. The first time, was also my first cake ever.. 

This year she wanted something else than a cake in sweet pastel colours. 
For my own birthday I wanted to use beige and white with black, but as I decided to do a high tea, I made a cake in pastel colours.

Manon liked the combination of beige with white and black and a detail in antique gold. From then on, I could think about a pretty design. 

I recently bought a SugarVeil lace mat and this was the perfect moment to use it on the cake. It wasn't easy and it took me several times untill it came out right, but doesn't it look gorgeous on the beige?!

The letter was also made with SugarVeil, this workes perfect. I printed the letter in a pretty font and piped it with the SugarVeil on a baking sheet. 

What do you think of it? Do you prefer pastel or more neutral colours combined?

I though you might like to see the other two cakes I've made for my sister. 
The first one didn't look like the cakes I make now.. I still had to find my own thing, my own style. These two were made in in May 2010.

The second cake I've made for her was, as many, inspired by Marie Antoinette.. This one was made last year.   

Have a great weekend!

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zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Je t'aime Paris

This cake I made for a 18 year old birthday girl. She's celebrating today and her mother asked me to make a cake as a surprise. Inge, her daughter, loves vintage and pastel.
So I suggested to do a cake with a charmed necklace. She loved the idea and was sure her daughter would love it as well.

I have made a few cakes with it, but I still love a pearl necklace on a cake. 
The colours of my scrapbook that I made a few weeks ago, off-white, white, vintage pink and silver, looked so pretty together and I chose to use this combination. 

The Eiffel tower mold I have had for a while and didn't find the right moment to use it. Now I did!
I painted it in a antique silver. A big challenge was to mix the colour of the ribbon. I love that colour and it would be perfect for the bows. The doilies are a big favorite and had to be on the cake as well.

The mother just picked up the cake and loved it! Happy me :) 

Have a great weekend!

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donderdag 10 mei 2012

Lovely Lace

I saw this lace tape on the internet and I had to have it.. 
These glasses love the lace as well and look great in it ;)

Have a great evening!

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donderdag 3 mei 2012

Pale blue and white for a princess

My dear friend Anouk celebrated her daughters 3th birthday today and asked me to make the birthday cake for Anne. Ofcourse I would for my little girl friend.

Anne isn't a girly girl and didn't want pink on her cake, but blue. Dark blue and dots. So, I made a design with pale blue and white.
Although with blue, Anne does wanted a princess cake. I made a bow and glittered the letters to get a princess feeling.

I used the regular sizes stripes a lot, so I wanted to use the small ones again. I also think they look better in this design.

The bow was a first timer. Usually I use the bow cutters from JEM, but I wanted to make a pretty, puffy bow. With a little help from a video on YouTube I managed to make one. 
The perfectionist in me had to go, but I still started over, on and on until the bow looked pretty to me. 

Anne was very happy with the cake, it was hard for her to only look at the cake and don't take a piece of it with her hands :) 
The quests loved the cake and that is the most important thing for me, making people smile.. 

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woensdag 2 mei 2012

Ruffles for Lieve

One of my dearest cake friends, Tessa (Yes, Tessa of :D), became the mother of sweet "Lieve" (Sweet in Dutch) and my sister and I went visiting yesterday. 

I was so happy to see Tessa and her friend Jaklien (also a cake friend) again!After a long drive of 3 hours, I finally could see and hold baby girl Lieve.She's such a cute, beautiful baby. 

Of course a baby girl cake had to made ;) 

A picture of a girl in a pink skirt holding a daisy, was my inspiration.I used the white for the base and the skirt was made into pastel pink ruffles(For the occasion, I used brighter colours) with tree daisies, one for Tessa, one for her husband and the tiny one for Lieve.

It's chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge.

The inspiration

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