zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Cake Chic

My sister turned 25 last Wednesday and celebrates tonight. This is the third time already I'm making a cake for her birthday. The first time, was also my first cake ever.. 

This year she wanted something else than a cake in sweet pastel colours. 
For my own birthday I wanted to use beige and white with black, but as I decided to do a high tea, I made a cake in pastel colours.

Manon liked the combination of beige with white and black and a detail in antique gold. From then on, I could think about a pretty design. 

I recently bought a SugarVeil lace mat and this was the perfect moment to use it on the cake. It wasn't easy and it took me several times untill it came out right, but doesn't it look gorgeous on the beige?!

The letter was also made with SugarVeil, this workes perfect. I printed the letter in a pretty font and piped it with the SugarVeil on a baking sheet. 

What do you think of it? Do you prefer pastel or more neutral colours combined?

I though you might like to see the other two cakes I've made for my sister. 
The first one didn't look like the cakes I make now.. I still had to find my own thing, my own style. These two were made in in May 2010.

The second cake I've made for her was, as many, inspired by Marie Antoinette.. This one was made last year.   

Have a great weekend!

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