woensdag 2 mei 2012

Ruffles for Lieve

One of my dearest cake friends, Tessa (Yes, Tessa of www.facebook.com/tessandnadinescakes :D), became the mother of sweet "Lieve" (Sweet in Dutch) and my sister and I went visiting yesterday. 

I was so happy to see Tessa and her friend Jaklien (also a cake friend) again!After a long drive of 3 hours, I finally could see and hold baby girl Lieve.She's such a cute, beautiful baby. 

Of course a baby girl cake had to made ;) 

A picture of a girl in a pink skirt holding a daisy, was my inspiration.I used the white for the base and the skirt was made into pastel pink ruffles(For the occasion, I used brighter colours) with tree daisies, one for Tessa, one for her husband and the tiny one for Lieve.

It's chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge.

The inspiration

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  1. Wat een "lieve" taart!
    Mijn dochter heet ook Lieve:-)

    Ik wilde ook even laten weten dat je een geweldig mooi huis hebt, een grote inspiratie!


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