donderdag 3 mei 2012

Pale blue and white for a princess

My dear friend Anouk celebrated her daughters 3th birthday today and asked me to make the birthday cake for Anne. Ofcourse I would for my little girl friend.

Anne isn't a girly girl and didn't want pink on her cake, but blue. Dark blue and dots. So, I made a design with pale blue and white.
Although with blue, Anne does wanted a princess cake. I made a bow and glittered the letters to get a princess feeling.

I used the regular sizes stripes a lot, so I wanted to use the small ones again. I also think they look better in this design.

The bow was a first timer. Usually I use the bow cutters from JEM, but I wanted to make a pretty, puffy bow. With a little help from a video on YouTube I managed to make one. 
The perfectionist in me had to go, but I still started over, on and on until the bow looked pretty to me. 

Anne was very happy with the cake, it was hard for her to only look at the cake and don't take a piece of it with her hands :) 
The quests loved the cake and that is the most important thing for me, making people smile.. 

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