maandag 6 juni 2011

Alan Dunn

Finally it was time for a Alan Dunn workshop with Tessa at Ellens Creative Cakes.
We were going to make a old fashioned rose, and we both do love roses...

The original workshop was on friday, but Tessa and I could do it on Saturday :) It was so great that he took the time for us! He also had another workshop that day.

We have learned so much! And oh my, we had no idea that one small rose could take so much time! It took us about 7 hours! But, the results are lovely.

We've made the roses of cold porselain instead of sugarpaste because it will be less fragile..

It was so much fun, Alan is a realy nice guy! 

Hope you like the rose!

Me with Alan and Tessa
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4 opmerkingen:

  1. ,Wonderschoon !!! Echt zo'n mooie ouderwetse engelse roos, Complimenten ! Marleen

  2. What a beautiful oldfashioned rose, my compliments.

    I really like the subtile colour of it , it is very elegant ! mx

  3. lucky you alan is a sugar flower legend!


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