maandag 13 juni 2011

Étincellement avec Bleu et Blanc

I do love blue and white together... and the occasional glitter works great :)

My colleaque Hendrik and his wife are gifted with a baby named David.
Hendrik asked me to make a cake for the visitors. His wife doesn't know...

He liked the idea of blue and white, simplicity and elegance with glitter letters reveiling the name of their son.
So I came up with this idea. Stripes are one of my favorites, and letting them continue on the middle cake turned out quite pretty I think :) Of course my all time favorite pearls finish the border.

The letters are a first and I LOVE them with those baby blue glitters (already bought disco baby pink...)! This definitly will not be the last baby cake with glitter letters!

The flower was my number two, the first one smashed on the ground.... But, I already decided to only use one flower on the top. Lucky me :)

He just picked up the cake and was so happy with it, that's always the best part!

Have a great week!

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