zaterdag 30 juni 2012

50 in black and white

A dear colleague of mine, John, turned the big 50 today and he's celebrating tonight. So he deserves a cake all for himself.. And I think he will be very happy with this, he's often asking for cupcakes on school. 

Making a cake for a guy, I always find it a bit difficult.. But what could go wrong with black, white and stripes with a tiny bow ~present cake~ ? 

Have a great weekend!

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vrijdag 29 juni 2012

Summer break 2012

7 weeks off... 

Last year my summer break was about finding furniture and decorations for my home, I still had a few months left until moving out.

This year I'll be visiting my aunt with my sister Manon, going  to Paris <3 with my dear friend Mandy and I'll be having enough time to clean up my attic and do lots of fun stuff with my friends... I'm realy looking forward doing all that! 

What will you be doing in your summer break?

To all my colleaque teachers, friends and readers; have a great, well deserved summer break! 

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dinsdag 26 juni 2012

A lovely shop worth a visit

Today I visited the Mühlenlädchen, a lovely shop owned by fellow blogger Ulrike. She such a sweet lady and it was so nice to finally meet her. 

She sells decorations in Country style, Shabby Chic style and French style. 

Maybe you would like to pay her shop or her blog a visit?

For my Dutch friends; her shop is in Herzogenrath, near the trainstation.

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zondag 24 juni 2012

Look what I found today..

Today was my lucky day...

Every year my town organizes a Village Fest, where there is a band, the shops are open, you can buy food on the street and children sell their old stuff. 

This morning my sister and I were looking for old things and then, there they were, calling my name.. Two, very old, French door blinds. They need some paint, here and there, but they are perfect. 
Ever since I've moved in, my wish list contained finding white old French door blinds. 

As the owner told me the price, I was even more happier. 
I don't think he knows what they are worth.. But, oh well.. They're mine now :) 

Have a great Sunday!

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zaterdag 23 juni 2012

Ivoire et blanc

A few moths ago Tim and Marijke asked me to make their wedding cake and I was delighted. Today is their wedding day. 

Tim, a former colleaque, told me ones; if I'll ever get married, I want you to make the cake. And so I did.. 

The bride to be loved a lot of my cakes and pointed uit some favorites. I made a design and with a few adjustments, their wedding cake was ready to be made.

The cake is in traditional colors, with a hint of gold and pastel pink. On top a pastel pink gerber, as the brides bouquet has pink gerbers. 
The top cake is carrot cake with a vanilla  cream, the middle one is vanilla cake with fresh, home made strawberry jam and the bottom cake is chocolate with praline cream.

The couple picked up the cake last night and were very happy with it. And  that's still the most important and beautiful thing about cake making.. 

Have a wonderful day Tim and Marijke! Wishing you all the best! X

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dinsdag 19 juni 2012

This made me smile big time...

Oh, Lissa of Bellenza made my day! 

She wrote a topic about my last high tea birthday party and I'm so happy with this! 

She's been so kind and has written a wonderful post.. 

Thank you Lissa!

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zaterdag 16 juni 2012

My little corner..

Yesterday I bought a white flower table. A while ago i bought the small version of this table, that I use as a night stand now. I'm so glad the store still had this one. 

The corner next to my living room couch is still empty and I'm looking for a small side table, but I haven't find anything that would fit perfectly.. 

So, I've placed this flower table next to the couch with my new pionies. Probably the last pionies this year.. 

Doesn't it look pretty? 

Have a great weekend!

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woensdag 13 juni 2012

Just one more...

I just wanted to show you one more picture of these gorgeous peonies.. The color and how they open... I fell in love... <3

Hopefully they'll retain their color as I dry them.

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dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Just because...

Just wanted to wish you a wonderful week!

I just love the combination of white, green and pastel pink..  

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zondag 10 juni 2012

A Party for baby boy Liam

One of my dearest friends became mother of baby Liam. 
She and her husband are having a party today for family and friends to celebrate the birth of their son. 

As a present I've made a tiny layered cake (4" & 3"). 
I was looking forward to do a cake in pastel blue again and stripes are one of my favorites for a baby boy cake. 
Instead of the usual stripes on the bottom cake, I've put them on the top cake this time. And a big bow at the bottom. 
The letter is made with SugarVeil and colored with blue dust before I've decorated it with blue glitters. 

Enjoy your sunday!

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