woensdag 9 maart 2011

Eggplant elegance

Today I finished my eggplant-cake. I'm very happy with the result, never thought I would love this combination of colours so much.

The picture that I used for inspiration was with me all the time as I tried to make these colours.. And that was soooo hard. I mixed and mixed and mixed, and finally I've got the desired eggplant and purple. The lace-border at the bottom is real, I just love this lace!
It's going to be on my birthday-cake as well ;) 

Although it took forever to make the pictures.The first cake-stand that I used was to big and without the cups the picture looked empty.

I'm hoping that my friend's sister in law will love her present and I can't wait to make another cake in eggplant-elegance ;).


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