maandag 16 mei 2011

Romance à la Marie Antoinette

My new favorite :D

Made for my sisters birthday who turned 24 today. It's also my anniversary cake, exactly one year ago I've made my first two cakes for my sister :) Times flies....

This year she wanted the colour peach in her cake and I just love the combination peach, ivory and gold. I did a lot of new stuff on this cake. The rose has been made with a super duper petal mold and is my new favorite, the flower cameo was bought last week and I just needed to use it :) and I have done some stripes on cakes befor, but never these thin ones.

The bottom cake is made of Victoria sponge, probably will be used a lot after this....
The other cakes are made of biscuit, all filled with a vanilla buttercream (with real vanilla seeds for the first time) and cherry & strawberry marmelade.

Hope you like it too :)

Happy Birthday sis!

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9 opmerkingen:

  1. wauwwwwwwww wat een pracht van een stapeltaart zeg.
    En de kleurencombinatie erg mooi.

    Mag ik vragen welke mold je gebruikt voor de roos bovenop deze wil ik heel graag aanschaffen.

    Groetjes Wendy

  2. Hoi!

    Dank je wel! Weet niet meer van welk merk de mal is. Al een tijd geleden gekocht.

    Het is ook te doen met een five petal uitsteker en dan de randen omrollen (nu ook gedaan) met een tandenstoker. Gaat sowieso sneller :D

  3. Hi Nadine Margarita here from Party Inspirations your workis AMAZING and with your permision id love to feature your work,let me know :-)

  4. Hi Margarita!

    Thank you so much! I would love that.. Wow, what a honour :) Thanks! X

  5. Love your work :) but you know that! See you this weekend!!!!

  6. bonsoie a tous je vous félicite nadine votre gateau est magnifique .
    je me presente je suis nicole est je suis en france .
    pouver me dire ou peut on acheter un super duper moule des pétales pour faire la fleur pover vous aussi mettre en ligne des photos de la conception de la fleur .je vous remerci a tres bientot nicole

  7. Bonjour Nicole,

    I will write in English, as my French isn't that well... :)

    Merci of course! For the rose I've used a mold, don't know the brand, bought it a while ago.
    You can find several how to's on you tube about making roses!

    Kind regards,


  8. Nadine,
    Love your work and your blog. I have been following you and Tessa on Flicker, I am very inspired by your creations.



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