maandag 18 april 2011

London, here we come!

It's almost time for LONDON baby!

My friend Tessa and I are going on a shopping trip to the city in may. Shopping for what?
For cake-stuff :D We saved and saved so we can buy so many things there, such as cake stands (of course...) in different sizes, china in different colours and nice boxes/accessoires.

We've already made a list of shops we wan't to visit and these are our favorites:

* Peggy Porschen; our biggest inspiration,
* Ladurée; I just love those macarons and boxes,
* Zoe Clark; we love her Birdcage Cake,
* Starbucks; I need my London and England city mug ;),
* China & Company; so much china in so many colours! 
* Harrods; looking for china,
* Selfridges; shopping for all kind of things :)

My little favorites-collage..

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  1. Hope you both have a wonderful trip (and let us know what Peggy Porschen's place is like!)


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