dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Living the shabby chic style

Hi you guys!

I was gone for a while and haven't posted anything since july 20th.. This had a reason, it's because I've bought a house! Yes, I did :D In oktober I will get the key and I can start moving in..

It's my summer vacation (as you maybe know, I'm a teacher) and I'm so glad I have/had 7  weeks looking for furniture and decoration for my new place.
 And I already found so much prettiness for my home....

My style? Here in the Netherlands we call this style "brocante", or the more known "shabby chic, french country" style.

It won't be a surprise that my house will resembles my cakes; pastel colours, lace curtains, antique gold details, Queen Anne furniture and old things.... 
The walls be will all in a broken white, the floor has a old wooden look and most of my furniture will be white and old.

A lot of people will think that all this white resembles a cool, unpersonal and modern interior. Not at all! Because of the old furniture and decoration it will be a homy, calm, lovely and cosy place to live and be in.

A big, big inspiration is the book "Bell Blanc", written by Mirjana Schnepf and Bianca Aurich. They also have a blog: The Essence of Belle Blanc Living I also love the book Shabby Chic Interiors by Rachel Ashwell, she also has a blog

Below I'll show you some picture of already bought furniture, what do you think of it all?
I just fell in love with this closet as I saw it.... The colour is soft and beautiful and fits perfect in my livingroom. This picture is taken in the store, but I will also use it for pretty things to be shown. I bought it at Something Old Something New.

My couch, only mine will have a soft sand/stone colour and it will be bigger, 2.5 metres long... Bought at Elise Chauvel.

For my livingroom, this will be placed in a corner. This also stays in the store, untill I pick it up. Bought at Brocante in Beeg.

A closet for my bedroom, isn't it pretty :) Bought at Tweedehands en Brocante.

My Queen Anne style dinertable, I love it! I'm collecting pretty, white french wooden chairs to go with it, only two more to be found...

For my TV :) Bought at Swiet.

Soon more to come....

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. Its all so beautiful,and congratulations on the new house xxoo

  2. I think you have exquisite taste. Congratulations, enjoy your shopping and your home. A hug.

  3. Ik heb vrienden hier in Niuw Zeeland die Viktoriaans Huis hebben en proberen het ook zo in te richten.Kerst zijn we altijd bij hun en het is een enorm plezier.Ik hou van shabby(ook al vind ik het word niet juist)shick en je hebto goede keuze gemaakt zover.Dit is eindeloos:)

  4. Hoi Dzoli!

    Dank je wel! Oh, ik houd enorm van victoriaanse huizen!! Helaas heb ik die niet, maar dat komt met de inrichting haha.

  5. Hey Nadine,

    hier een leuke link voor je, wie weet vind je er wel leuks voor je nieuwe stekje :)




  6. Hoi Lindsay,

    wat lief! Dank je wel.

    Maar die winkel ken ik al..
    Daar heb ik mijn tv-meubel gekocht, alleen ben ik vergeten de foto op de blog te zetten. Dat ga ik dan maar meteen doen haha.


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