maandag 10 december 2012

Noël 2012 Part I

Hello dear readers!

Last week I finally had the time to make some pictures of my Christmas decorations.

As you may know, Christmas is my favorite time of the year.
But are there people that don't like Christmas?!

I love turning my house in a cozy, winter home with beautiful decorations and wreaths. And seeing snow outside my window makes me smile big time. 

It's my second Christmas in my own house and I've gathered lots of new Christmas decorations.
Last year I used lots of bright colors, this year I chose white and antique silver. They both have their own charm. Although white and silver fit better into my interior.

I love pine wreaths... They give an instant Christmas feeling.

This year I had to buy all new decorations, I didn't mind at all ;)

How cute is that birdie?! I already bought one last year,
luckily I've found another one.
And the lace heart is so pretty, don't you think?

An adorable white angel..

My little Christmas corner in my living room.

My own "Rudolph" <3

Ssttt.. This wreath is hanging there since last Christmas, without the lights it fits perfectly into my home.. In 2013 I will search for a new wreath!

My new favorites for Christmas, mercury glass ornaments...
I love their old, vintage look.

There are some more pictures to come, but I think you'll have a good image of my Christmas home 2012.

Have a wonderful week!



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